Learnings from setting up a cron job in Rails using Sidekiq.

Using a framework is convenient until we want to create something not supported by the framework, or something against the framework principle.

Recently, I braced myself and created a cron job with Rails and Sidekiq with an extra feature. In this blog, I shall detail the hits and (multiple) misses that ensued.

The main quest

The problem that I tried to solve with the cron job is that I wanted to schedule data exporting to Postgres database.

Hmm, sounds easy and straightforward, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only problem. There were several conditions that needed to be met:

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During the pandemic in 2020, I got the chance to read more often. One of the books that I read is really inspired me to organise myself better in order to be productive and motivated in doing my daily tedious activities. It is “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin that had taught me how to manage my habits and maintain my peace of mind.

How it was started?

Indeed, it wasn’t started at the moment I firstly finished several pages of the book. But, there is a sentence from the book that really satirises me

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a…

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There are a lot of infrastructures that can be created interactively using UI. However, you need to click several buttons and type in several fields to configure an infrastructure with the UI provided. Even to familiarise the provider’s customers to the infrastructures UI, some of the providers conduct a seminar about step by step to create infrastructures with the providers’ services.

Apart from the familiarity of the providers’ UI, you’ll also find it difficult to change the infrastructures configurations once you have massive infrastructures. Let’s say you want to create a cluster with a specific configurations but you are not…

In my previous post, I already explained the concepts that I used to implement the simple to-do list app. But unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. There were several difficulties that I faced because of my lack of knowledge in coding Android and Android design pattern. Luckily, I was able to dive in more to know about Kotlin in Android and Android Architecture/Design Pattern.

Before we continue in discussing my way of tackling the difficulties, here is a glance of my final simple to-do list app.

To-do List App (final iteration)

Task Deletion: Don’t Pass the Index! Pass the Element

When I first implemented deletion of the task, I only thought that the task need to…

It’s as clear as the title told you. Yeap! Today my post is about a simple To-do List app that I created. Here are the glimpse of my simple app.

To-do List App (1st iteration)

Disclaimer: I won’t put any code snippet about this app in here, just the concepts. And uh-oh! I haven’t implement any functionality for the Add task yet. Hope I can write about that in another post :)


If you ever learnt about ListView in Android, I believe you’ll fine RecyclerView way better and powerful than it. RecyclerView has the ability to store large number of data while maintaining the limited…

For the past two days, I fortunately had the chance to learn Kotlin and Android in Gojek Bootcamp. Actually, the materials that I learnt was really compact yet it was easy to follow since the coaches were able to deliver it very well.

Today, I would discuss about the interesting concepts of Kotlin and Android that I found by learning those two within two days. …

These few days was an exhausting yet thrilling quarantine days in 2020. Thank God that in this quarantine period I have the opportunity to learn iOS development in Gojek Bootcamp, remotely.

First Day

On the first day of learning iOS module, I was really excited and amazed with how iOS utilise more GUI in building an app.

To me, connecting the code and the UI with just drag-and-drop was very handy. Yes, It. Was. Until I finally face lots of difficulties on managing those drag-and-drop code and UI when my application got more complicated and had more features :’)

After First Day

Here comes the…

When talking about proudest achievement, this moment always pops out in my mind, “The first time I did mountain hiking with URaL.”

Well, if you play the video, you’d guess that I documented it when I was a teenager, welp a high school student to be exact.

Why do you have to be proud into something that is so common?

To me, every moment that you can be proud of is created by the same recipe — the same steps — that you need to follow with endurance. …

Nowadays, there are a lot of data scientists that use python as their programming language to ease their job in analysing, processing, and predicting insight from their datasets. In order to present their job pretty well to their clients, they need to visualise it on a dashboard or power point so that the clients can gain the information they want.

However, creating a dashboard from scratch is time consuming — considering there are several stacks that you have to learn.

But wait, don’t you want to discuss about an easy way to build a dashboard Ay? …

Have you ever imagined if there is no version control for your source code? How would your live as a software developer be look like? Horrible? I guess so.

You won’t be able to track your changes within your source code, won’t be able to revert back to your working source code when you are failed adding new features or fixing bug, and would be very hard for you and your team to collaborate to build your project.

Actually, there are a lot of version control system that has been developed and maintained. However, to me, git really gets my…

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