Learning iOS in Gojek Bootcamp

These few days was an exhausting yet thrilling quarantine days in 2020. Thank God that in this quarantine period I have the opportunity to learn iOS development in Gojek Bootcamp, remotely.

On the first day of learning iOS module, I was really excited and amazed with how iOS utilise more GUI in building an app.

To me, connecting the code and the UI with just drag-and-drop was very handy. Yes, It. Was. Until I finally face lots of difficulties on managing those drag-and-drop code and UI when my application got more complicated and had more features :’)

Here comes the reality. The said was true, never judge something on the first look. I finally got myself the hardship of developing iOS application with swift programming language. Swift uses delegation in order to handle updating UI. And it took me 3 days straight to finally understand what that thing is.

But still, it was fun experience to me tho! :D *still optimist*

After given several materials regarding to iOS development, I got a task to create a look-like GoFood app within 4 days with my pair. It was…

4 days straight with lack of sleep, indeed!

To me, the task was really challenging! First, I had to satisfy all the requirements. Second, I needed to work with my pair remotely. And last, THERE IS NO COLLABORATION EXTENSION IN XCODE >:)

YES! those 4 days straight had lots of merge and resolve conflicts sessions! It was pretty frustrating since I needed to work simultaneously with my pair and every time we wanted to integrate our developed feature… we had to be prepared with whatever happens.

*sorry for being hyperbole ;)*

But thank God I had a really patient and insightful pair. We finally managed to finish our first assignment iteration pretty well!

At this iteration, my pair and I already became more pro in merging and resolving conflicts within our code. But man, I just realised that our adventure of developing iOS had just begun in this advance feature assignment…

We had to finish several features we chose within a day.

The most challenging part from this assignment was that the feature I developed was not as easy as I thought…

But once again, thank God we finally nailed it!

Here is the glimpse of what our app looks like

That’s it! it was my unforgetful learning iOS development at Gojek Bootcamp!

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