Mrs. Ami’s Best Two Values

“It will never be easy to jump into things that you’re not familiar with. But, it’s worth to try.” — Mrs. Ami.

The bravery to be out of your comfort zone is not an easy decision that come up within a night.

In this blogpost, I’d like to tell you a short life story of my role model — Mrs. Ami — and her values that she has implemented for decades.

To Live, To Forgive, and To be a Better Person

She was born in Magelang, Center of Java, as the youngest child with eight siblings. Her family wasn’t rich. She lost her father when she had not even born.

All her brothers and sisters preferred to planting rice and gardening rather than continuing their study to college because they wanted to help their family economy problem.

With the economy problem that she had and her belief that being a smart person can gain more money, she moved to Yogyakarta to study English at Gadjah Mada University. She paid her tuition fee by having a part time job. She believed that if she could be successful, at least, she wouldn’t burden her brothers and sisters anymore.

“Sometimes in life, you can not count on to anybody. People do make mistakes. A lot. And it’s our choice to forgive them or not. But, please do forgive them. You may not forget what they did, but forgiving will ease your life. Besides, God is always forgiving, isn’t He? So, why we aren’t?” she said to me in her story to deal with her love one’s mistake.

It wasn’t Easy at First, But You’ll Get Used to It

“There, being a Javanese in Sumatra is not easy”, she said. “You need to get used to with their way of arguing, everybody is angry!” she told me and laughed.

She also told me that, it wasn’t easy to live in Pangkal Pinang with lack of money, no siblings nearby, and only depending on her own knowledge and her belief that she could be a good teacher there. Fortunately, she could manage it by always convincing herself that she would nail it.

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. You know, what the preacher said about hardship is true. God always send His help”, she continued. “I met Poppy (her best friend) in Pangkal Pinang. Her family helped me to become a good teacher. Well, you see now, most of my students from Pangkal Pinang really love me. They even often come here (Jakarta) to see me.” she prided herself on.

I can keep on writing the things she did that admiring me. But those two is my most favourite values that I try to apply in my life.

Mrs. Ami and her grandson.

Here’s my role model. She’s my grandmother. Mrs. Ami.

So, who is yours? 😄

Software Engineer | Traveler | Lifelong Learner

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