Stay Vigilant to The End

When talking about proudest achievement, this moment always pops out in my mind, “The first time I did mountain hiking with URaL.”

Well, if you play the video, you’d guess that I documented it when I was a teenager, welp a high school student to be exact.

Why do you have to be proud into something that is so common?

To me, every moment that you can be proud of is created by the same recipe — the same steps — that you need to follow with endurance. And all that steps of recipe I could finally concoct after I hiked Lawu Mountain.

There is always this one value that motivates me every time I start pursuing my goal.

Oftentimes, we are easily get tired in pursuing our goal. But hey, we should always remember why we start pursuing it in the very beginning. And we also need to remember, if we give it up now, there might be no chance for us to pursue it again.

In order to practice that value, there are 4 main steps that I go through:

Developing Strong Willing and Motivation

Without concrete willing and motivation, I believe that I won’t ever be in the position of who I want to be.

When I first heard about my friends’ invitation to hike Lawu Mountain, I was filled with a lot of hesitation.

Dude, are you sure it’s safe?

What if we meet any wild animal?

What if we are out of food and water?

What if there is storm when we are hiking?

What if …?

With strong willing and motivation, those what ifs that I had finally disappeared.

When I was about to hike the mountain, I really wanted to see sunrise covered by clouds. I wanted to see that ‘ocean of clouds’. I wanted to feel the tranquility that I could get when I was hiking. I wanted to feel the breeze of the mountain on my skin.

Maybe, for some of you my motivation was not strong enough to make you want to do what I did, mountain hiking. Nevertheless, every person is unique, isn’t it? Let them define their own motivation to achieve their goals :)


Have you ever heard a proverb “Where there’s a will, there’s a way?”

Well, I do believe in that sayings. However, I think, in order to be really able to achieve your goal, you should edit that proverb to be

“Where there’s a will, there has to be a way!”

In order to be on top of Lawu Mountain, my friends and I did a lot of things beforehand. We exercised three times a week for about two months. We packed all our needs several weeks before our departure. We did a little survey about the terrain that we were about to face.

We knew our limitation that we were teenagers with lack of experience of mountain hiking, that was why we exercised a lot and tried to get really prepared.

On the D-day of mountain hiking, thankfully, everything went as expected. We were fortunate that we didn’t caught in a storm and face any wild animal. Luckily, we were able to see three falling meteors! Even if the hiking was definitely tiring… we were all entertained by the nature that showed us its beauty.

Welcoming Supports

We are all humans.

It wasn’t easy to actually do something as planned. Even if I had tried lots of time to build a tent, at Lawu Mountain, it was really difficult for me to built one.

The wind that kept disrupting my tarp. The light that was not enough for me to see clearly where to put the wedges. Well, it took us around a half hour to finally finish building a tent! Seriously mate, the struggle was real. We needed to build the tent ASAP if we didn’t want to get frostbite.

You see,

I don’t think I’d be able to manage building a tent by myself. In the end, no matter how many times I’ve built a tent on my own, a help from a friend to finish building it in that situation really saved us all.

Even if you think that you can do the things on your own, there will come a time when you need help from others. And it’s totally okay.

Enjoying Final Goal

Please read the below sentences carefully,

It’s your time to enjoy your struggling result. Take some time and feel it. Feel it as if there will be no other chances for you to feel it again.

That’s it. That was what I thought when I was on the top of Lawu Mountain and enchanted by the sunrise view that I saw.

Every sweat was paid off.


For every proud moment that happened in my life, there are at least these 4 steps that I go through in order to achieve the final goal:

  1. Developing strong willing and motivation
  2. Action
  3. Welcoming supports
  4. Enjoying final goal

And uh-oh, the most important thing is stay vigilant to the end! do not give up easily in pursuing the final goal.

With this recipe, I hope you can manage to find one of your proudest moment of your life too :D!

Thanks for reading!

Software Engineer | Traveler | Lifelong Learner

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